Aviva’s Method


Aviva’s Method for hormonal balance and healthy fertility system

The Aviva Method is a structured, non-invasive and moderate exercise technique that has a therapeutic effect on the female reproductive system, developed by Hungarian born dancer, ballerina and physiotherapist Aviva Gabriella Steiner. Practicing the sequence of the Aviva’s method a few times a week will boost the blood circulation in the reproductive organs and improve the production and transmission of hormones that play a crucial role in the female menstrual cycle. It will not only strengthen the reproductive organs but also unblock circulatory blockages and restore the very delicate balance of the hormonal system.

The exercises of the AVIVA Method can help with the following:

  • Managing PCOS (policystic ovary syndrome),
  • Dissolving cysts and myomas
  • Irregular or cramping cycles
  • Certain infertility problems (e.g. Fallopian tube blockage)
  • Balancing hormones, Normalizing body weight
  • Strengthening the uterus (e.g. after miscarriage)
  • Handling PMS
  • Reducing and eliminating menopausal symptoms
  • Helps with men’s problems as well (prostate problems, increasing sperm count, etc.) – there is a sequence for especially developed for men.

 3 ½  hours workshop in groups up to 8 people

Price: €80, book early and get a 20% discount.

General information about the workshops

Next workshops:

14 September (Saturday) 9:30-13:00 – How to cure PCOS? (3 place left)

28 September (Saturday) 9:30-13:0 – The Shift from Hormonal Imbalance to Harmony (PMS, Irregular/painful cycles, Menopause)

12 October (Saturday) 9:30-13:00 – How to boost fertility?

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