Doula Services

How can a birth doula help you?

A birthing doula is a crucial support for mothers during childbirth. They provide emotional, physical, and informational assistance to create a positive and empowering birth experience. Their main goal is to ensure a mother feels supported and safe, and they also support the birth partner in feeling comfortable and helpful. A doula offers continuous emotional support, creates a calm environment, and helps the mother manage pain and anxiety.

They also help the mother make informed decisions about her birth and facilitate communication between the medical staff and the mother. A doula provides physical support during labor by assisting with breathing techniques, offering comfort measures like massage and positioning suggestions, and helping with practical tasks. Their important role is to support both the mother and her partner throughout the process and make sure when the baby is born, he/she and the mom will be in unity.

“Adrienn’s calming personality put me at ease during my childbirth. Initially, I was apprehensive about having a stranger present, but her comforting presence even just hearing her voice made me and my hubby feel at ease. She was incredibly attentive, but in a way that made me feel comfortable and supported.”

— Claudia, first time mum, public hospital birth

Adrienn’s approach

Adrienn offers exceptional support as a birth doula, and only takes 2-3 birth doula clients per quarter. She has experience in supporting birthing mums in their homes, at birth centres and hospitals. Whatever path your birth takes she will assist you to make informed decisions that you will feel positive about afterwords. It is important for her to provide dedicated attention to each expectant mother throughout their journey. Adrienn creates a nurturing environment tailored to the unique needs of each mom and her family.

Availability for birth doula services in 2024

Please check Adrienn’s availability for 2024 for birth doula services. If you’d like to get to know her, and have questions about how she could help you during your birth; or if you would like to see if the chemistry could work between you, please get in touch to book a free 30-minute inquiry call with her.

  • January – available with due date after 15 January
  • February – available with due date after 24 February
  • March – Available
  • April – Available for one client with due date before 14 April
  • May – Not available
  • June – Available
  • July – Available with due date before 17 July
  • August – not available
  • September – Available
  • October – Available
  • November – Available
  • December – Available