About Adrienn


Adrienn Ürmös is a Women’s Health Coach, Specialised in Fertility, Postnatal and Menopause. She is a certified yoga instructor, certified Aviva’s Method and LoveYourBelly trainer.

She is a mother of four children, through her pregnancies and after she had to face several health problems such as hernia, prolapse, separated abs (rectus diastasis) and hormonal imbalance. She has found natural ways to get healthy again with wonderful, non-invasive techniques, natural approaches and diet.

She got so inspired by experiencing her results and seeing many other women to recover or have long wanted babies that she decided that this is what she would like to do as her profession.

During the last five years she was not only practicing but also studying about these techniques and has become a certified Fitness and Yoga instructor and she took special teacher training courses for abdominal recovery/ Diastasis Recti and a hormonal balance, female reproductive system curing method called Aviva’s.

Now she is dedicated to help other women to find their hormonal balance, become fit and energised, and learn how to accept and love themselves. The methods she coaches can be learnt by anybody and often without medications or surgeries they can help you to be fit and healthy again.

She offers yoga classes in Bahar Ic-Cahgaq and Health Workshops for ladies and couples in small groups or as private sessions.

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