Hormonal Balance and Healthy Fertility system – Aviva’s Method

The exercises of the AVIVA Method can help with the following:

  • Managing PCOS (policystic ovary syndrome),
  • Dissolving cysts and myomas
  • Irregular or cramping cycles
  • Certain infertility problems (e.g. Fallopian tube blockage)
  • Balancing hormones, Normalizing body weight
  • Strengthening the uterus (e.g. after miscarriage)
  • Handling Pre Mensturation Symptoms
  • Reducing and eliminating menopausal symptoms
  • Helps with men’s problems as well (prostate problems, increasing sperm count, etc.) – there is a sequence, developed for men.
hormonal balance

The Aviva Method for hormonal balance is a structured, non-invasive and moderate exercise technique that has a therapeutic effect on the female reproductive system. It was developed by Hungarian born dancer, ballerina and physiotherapist – Aviva Gabriella Steiner, more than 50 years ago.

If you practice the sequence a few times a week it will boost the blood circulation in the reproductive organs. And as a result, it will also improve the production and transmission of hormones that play a crucial role in the female menstrual cycle. Aviva’s method will not only strengthen the reproductive organs but also unblock circulatory blockages and restore the very delicate balance of the hormonal system.

What is a practice like and how long does it take to work?

The basic hormonal balancing sequence is half-an-hour long to do. You can imagine it as a very feminine dance like exercise flow that we practice with music. It is really energising and at the same time has a calming effect. So it will light up your mood and also you will sleep better. 

Depending on your issue you may get a few daily exercises and need to practice the whole sequence 2 or 3 times a week. How long does it take to start having and effect is difficult to say but usually 3- 6 months is enough.

With period pain, heavy bleeding and pms or menopausal symptoms ladies start experiencing improvements in a month in most cases. There were ladies who conceived next week or next month after they came to the workshop. But sometimes the method needs a bit more time to really start to have its healing effect.

Fertility system problems can be really complex, on the course or the workshop you will also get tips what supplements you can take and what to pay attention to with your diet and lifestyle in order to reach your goal. For some ladies to learn some tools to relax or manage stress is also necessary to reach optimum results.

You can easily learn the method

  • in an 8 week course on Saturday mornings from 8:30 9:30 with a 15 minutes hormonal balancing yoga flow. Next group starting: 9 January, ONLY 2 more space left!

  • as a one-off 3 ½ hours workshop

Due to the Covid situation the course is mostly online and limited to 5 people. 1 or 2 people can come to the studio in Swieqi, at a time, so we can check if you do your movements properly and alignments are right, but the course will be mostly online. If weather allows we will be practicing in open air outside, in the garden.

So one-off workshops till end of February 2021 are only available as private sessions for 1 or 2 people either face to face or online. Please contact me for appointment.

What is the 8-week course like?

We will cover the one-off workshop material, during the first 4-5 session, you get a booklet of the exercises, plus tailor-made exercise plan, a suggestions how to change your diet and what supplements to take.

  • Starting with a hormonal balancing yoga flow (10-15 min)
  • Talking about diet/ supplements/ exercises/ stress management etc (15 min)
  • Learning then later on the course exercising the Aviva’s sequence (25-30 min)
  • Finishing with a nice relaxation

Next small group workshop dates:

General information about the workshops

6 March (Saturday) 11:30 – 15:00 – How to cure PCOS?, Boosting fertility

27 March (Saturday) 11:30 – 15:00 – The Shift from Hormonal Imbalance to Harmony


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