Pelvic Floor


Inner Strength Workshop

You can learn a very effective method how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

Your organs (bladder, anal canal, womb) are normally held in place inside your pelvis with various muscles, tissues and ligaments. Because of pregnancy, childbirth or difficult labour and delivery, lack of exercising or bad habits in some women these muscles weaken. As a woman ages and with a natural loss of the hormone oestrogen, her uterus can drop into the vaginal canal, causing the condition known as a prolapsed uterus. When you are afraid to sneeze, cough and laugh or sometimes it is very urging to get to the bathroom it is very uncomfortable. Incontinency and sensitive bladder are not just common after pregnancies, a lot of young women also suffers due to bad habits, and when we get older, almost everybody experiences conditions deriving from week pelvic floor. Haemorrhoids (piles) are very common also, mostly developing because we do not eat properly, tend to exercise little and you are standing or sitting a lot during the day with a bad posture. This training is for you if you have

  • you would like to learn about how to prevent these issues and get strong muscles in the lower abdominal zone
  • sensitive bladder, incontinency,  you are afraid to sneezes, cough or laugh, sometimes it is very urging to get to the bathroom
  • prolapsed bladder or uterus
  • haemorrhoids (piles) – the primer is healthy diet but with proper exercises you can also help your condition to improve

If you are suffering from symptoms caused by week pelvic floor muscles you can learn a tool can change your life. If you would like to live without fear and often feeling uncomfortable by regularly doing special exercises and developing healthy habits you soon will experience improvements.

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Due to Covid station I only teach the workshop on a one-to-one session, which is about 2 hours long. It can be online or face-to-face. Please call me and we arrange an appointment. 99329229

General information about the workshops

You can secure your place either paying via Revolute (+356 99 329 229) or by PayPal below. When you pay please write the name and the workshop date in a comment.

Inner strength workshop

65.00 €

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