Postnatal Recovery

When working with mums after birth helping their postnatal recovery, besides yoga I use two very efficient methods.  

LoveYourBelly method for abdominal recovery, great for closing the gap in case of Diastasis Recti and Aviva’s Inner Strength for strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and to prevent or improve pelvic floor dysfunctions including prolapse.

postnatal recovery
Smart postnatal recovery

About the postnatal recovery program

This is all you need first when you feel ready for safely starting exercising again minimum 6 weeks after having your baby, in case of a c-sections you need to wait 3 months to begin. If the birth of your baby was much longer ago than probably even more you need this program.

It is recommended to ask for your doctor’s advice before you start any exercise. The postnatal classes consist of yoga elements to improve core strength and flexibility for your nice posture and we practice special abdominal and pelvic floor exercises to ease or prevent the most common issues mums might experience.

How can I join the postnatal recovery program?

Step 1 – Book a one-to-one session

First we need to have a private session, there will be

  • a one-to-one interview to see what you need and what you would like to work on
  • we check if you have diastasis
  • on this first occasion I explain you the most important principles how to exercise safely and
  • you will learn a few basic exercises which you can practice anytime at home

The private session can be online, in the studio or in your home, following the all precautionary measures that are necessary in current covid situation.

To book your appointment call or message me on 99 329 229.

Step 2 – Join the group classes face-to-face or online, live or recorded
If you would prefer private follow-up that is also an option.

There are weekly six 25-30 minute-long group classes and one longer evening postnatal vinyasa yoga class with relaxation at the end.

The shorter classes are short enough to manage with kids around and to fit in your busy day, but long and hard enough to improve your strength and flexibility in a smart way.

Most mums join the classes online, but some prefers physically be here. There is a special place outside in the garden next to the studio that we can use for exercising if weather allows.

You also get access to recorded classes and home practice videos, so if you missed a class you can still exercise whenever it is the most convenient for you.

For those who have the subscription home practice videos are here.


When and where are the classes?

Postnatal schedule November 2022

The studio is in Naxxar in a quiet neighbourhood, parking is easy. You can check here exact location.

The online class are on Zoom, when you subscribe for the postnatal program you get all necessary information, links and passwords to join the classes and also for the video section.

How long does it take to recover?

It really depends, each mum is different and it is not enough to come to a session once or twice, you need to be resilient and dedicated.  If you start regular exercising – it means minimum 5 days a week, for at least 20 minutes, you most probably feel improvement in a month. Closing the gap between the abs can happen only in a few weeks, with pelvic floor issues it usually takes more time.

Remember, developing the symptoms you might feel now, didn’t happen in just a few days. So be a bit patient and organise your day that you have some time for your health and you can soon forget about your current problems. My motto is ‘be the first priority for yourself’. If you are not well, it is even more difficult to take care of your baby, kids and family.

What are the cost of the program?

Private session:

€35 per 60 minutes if it is online, in the studio. If in your home, the price will be more depending where you live in Malta (€40-55)

Private Session

60-minute private consultation


Regular classes and video access:

one class only drop in price: €9

2 or more classes a week: €15 per week online only, €19 in person.

monthly fee to join any or all the classes and access to home videos: €39 per month

video access only, including one 15 minute private consultation: €20 per month

You can secure your place either paying via Revolut (+356 99 329 229) or by PayPal. When you pay please write the name and the word postnatal in a comment.

General information about the workshops and classes.


Photo credit: Ana Francisconi

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