Postnatal Course

2in1 as a postnatal course – LoveYourBelly – abdominal recovery and for closing the gap in case of Diastasis Recti and Inner Strength (pelvic floor) workshops with core strengthening and stretching as a 10-week course with each session including a theory and a practice part.

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This is all you need first when you feel ready for safely starting exercising again minimum 6 weeks after having your baby. If it was much longer ago than probably even more you need it. It is recommended to ask for your doctor’s advice before you start exercising.

The postnatal course includes a private session – a one-to-one interview – to see what you need and you would like to work on and 9 group sessions. The group sessions are 55 minutes long and has a short lecture part and 40-minute exercising part. Following the session you’ll get some homework, too. 😉

You are welcome to bring your babies and toddlers to the sessions.

€98 for 1 private and 9 group sessions – (5-7 participants)

General information about the workshops

The program is module based: there are entry points in every few weeks, so you can join soon after you had your first private session.

Classes/ Courses

Tuesdays at 10:00 – new group starting on 18 February 2020

Thursdays at 10:00 –  in this group there are ‘beginners’ and also mums who’d like to continue practicing together after completing their Mum’s Rebuild course. If there is place, you can join this group any time as the program is module based. But for those who haven’t finished their first 6 sessions it is recommended to arrive 15 minutes earlier, so we have time to cover the theory and the basic principles of the exercises.

Currently there is one free spot till the end of February 2020 in the Thursday group.


You can secure your place either paying via Revolute (+356 99 329 229) or by PayPal below. When you pay please write the name and the workshop date in a comment.

Postnatal Course

1 private consultations and 9 group sessions


Single class for prenatal yoga or postnatal recovery classes

If you'd like to upgrade to a bundle later, you can and a maximum of 2 single sessions can be counted in.


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