Prenatal Yoga for Healthy Pregnancy

Unique prenatal yoga classes with gentle yoga and vinyasa flows, breathing techniques and relaxation for healthy and easy pregnancy, in Naxxar (Sam Pawl Tat-Targa). It is easy to come by bus or only a few minutes drive from Swieqi, San Gwann, Pembroke, Naxxar, Mosta, Attard or Saint Paul’s Bay.

Expecting a baby and preparing with prenatal yoga…

Adrienn gave birth to four babies, two in hospital, one on the way to the hospital and one in her home. When her first son was born labour took three days and with the second baby less than two hours. She knows how different each pregnancy and birth could be.

There are so much information and negative stories around birth we read and hear about, it can be frightening. She used to be afraid and worry, too. Then she started to believe in herself, because she had experienced that her wise-self and her body know everything about giving life. So does yours. Yoga, especially prenatal yoga and hypnobirthing classes helped her a lot during this journey in the last 18 years.

The goddess inside you

The female body and soul are extraordinary. You have all the knowledge about how to conceive, how to carry a baby for 9 months and how to give birth. Mothers also naturally know how to care about and keep their little ones safe on Earth Side. You have instincts how to feed the baby after birth. Every women has a GODDESS inside her.

We might struggle with some steps. Maybe we have physical or emotional blocks that we will have to solve to get to the next level. Yes, it might not be an easy journey for all of us. However, we have to do our best to be healthy and happy, so we can be open to welcome a new little person in our life.

How Adrienn can help you with prenatal yoga for preparing for birth…

Her aim is to help you and your little one to feel wonderful in your body, and you to be happy about your pregnancy. The asanas and exercises will help to prepare your body and soul, so you and your baby will be ready for the big changes. She is also a certified Wise Hippo hypnobirthing instructor. Adrienn uses some of these tools, positive birth affirmations and you practice breathing techniques on the prenatal classes, as well .

Prenatal yoga classes

Classes have always been small and intimate, because it is important you feel safe here. Besides the practice we might talk about some taboos or secrets, which might be important to discuss to overcome your fears. Since Adrienn wants to give personal attention to you and also keep you safe in current circumstances, no more than 3 ladies can come to her prenatal classes face-to-face. The classes can be joined online via Zoom. Maximum number on a class is 8 including online and face-to-face participants.

You will learn breathing techniques on these classes useful for labour and birth, and you also learn a few tips that will help you to give birth easier and to naturally eliminate your discomfort with the surges when the day comes.

60 minutes class in small groups, maximum 8 ladies on a class.

To arrange a private session or to book the above classes please message or call on 99329229.

Monday at 17:20 studio/ online – Prenatal Gentle flow

Tuesday at 9:30 studio/ online – Prenatal Vinyasa flow

Thursday at 18:30 studio/ online – Prenatal Vinyasa flow

Saturday at 9:15 studio/ online – Prenatal Gentle flow

Video library for the special 2 months bundle subscribers.

How to set up for an online class?

Prices from 1 April 2022

€15 per session or €99 per 8 sessions valid for 20 weeks for in person

For joining online €9 once a week, €15 for 2 classes a week and €19 for joining 3 or 4 times a week.

Prenatal yoga bundle – face-to-face

8 prenatal yoga sessions, that can also be used on the postnatal classes. 🙂


Single class for prenatal yoga class – face-to-face

If you’d like to upgrade to a bundle later, you can and a maximum of 2 single sessions can be counted in.


Bundle of 5 online prenatal classes


2 months special online offer

Unlimited classes online, 2 short (20 min) one-to-one consultations, access to home practice library – recorded short prenatal yoga and relaxation sessions.



I am proud to collaborate with Melissa Bugeja a highly qualified Breastfeeding Counsellor and a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator.

Melissa also has workshops at yorflo for parents and expecting mothers.

When I first met Mellisa it was like chatting with an old friend. We have so much in common and we share very similar ideas about birth, breastfeeding and how to love our children. After our first meeting it was quite obvious we should start working together. She is passionate about helping expecting mothers and parents and she is a warm, wise and very knowledgable lovely lady.  Melissa has 3 lovely children, and has a lot of experience with breastfeeding and parenting. She runs workshops and courses about breastfeeding, weaning and positive discipline parenting in the studio. For more details please check her site and yorflo’s schedule.

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