Schedule and Prices

We have moved online, most classes you can join on ZOOM.

For prices, discounts and cancellation policy kindly scroll down.

Weekly schedule from 1 October, most classes are available both face to face and online:

yoga (up to 5 people): €10 drop-in,  8+2 sessions package: €80, you are entitled to use the +2 sessions within three months.

prenatal yoga (up to 8 people with maximum 2 face-to-face): joining online: €8, €12 drop-in, 10-session package: €99, valid for four months. (If there is any remaining prenatal sessions those can be used on the postnatal recovery classes.), 

practice sessions for Aviva, LoveYourBelly or Inner Strength (up to 8 people with maximum 3 face-to-face): €8 drop-in, 8+2 sessions package: €72, you are entitled to use the +2 sessions within three months

postnatal classes (up to 6 people, online only):  joining regular classes and video access: €12 per week or €36 per month.

Private session €30-50 depending on times, and places.


Aviva’s Method*: €80,

Inner Strength and LoveYourBelly: €65.

For early bird bookings there is 20% discount: 4 weeks or more prior to the workshops. *The discount is not applicable for the Aviva’s Method 8 -week course.

private session for yoga or workshops (per person, in case of two people there is 25% discount):

60 min: €35,  90 min: €50,  120 min: €60,  180 min: €90

private group yoga session, 60 min: €50 up to 5 people, if more €9 per person

Prior payment is necessary when booking. You can pay by PayPal, Revolute or cash.

Please note that you can cancel your booking for free before 24 hour prior to a class.

In case of a workshop or course you can cancel with a full refund at least 14 days before the starting date, or with with 75 % refund btw 5-13 days. If you cancel later or do not show up it is difficult to fill your place, therefore in that case there is no refund.

For Parental Thriving workshops’ topics, dates, prices and availability please visit Melissa’s site.

For Chiara the Doula’s workshops: topics, dates, prices and availability please visit Chiara’s site.

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