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22nd February: Nourishing the Mother

After giving birth, every woman needs special cuddles and care while she recovers from birth and attends to the needs of her little baby.
During this meeting we will see this very unique 40 days from the perspective of the mum, and how she can get ready and to live the postpartum period at his best. What to expect emotionally and how to recover safely physically? Which practices can help us get back our strenght? How can we manage to settle in the new balance? During the course you will also get the recipees for some food, traditional remedies and a view of post partum in different cultures of the world.
The workshop will be led by Chiara, professional Doula for Birth, Pregnancy and PostPartum and Adrienn – a Women’s Health Coach specialising in postnatal recovery.
Recommend for pregnant women and couples.

7th March: Nourishing the Baby

This little creature is filling up our hearts with love, but she also fill us with many worries and doubt. What it is normal to expect from a newborn? How can we attend at her needs and create a nice bonding? What can practically help us to take care of our baby? After a presentation that will touch all the most important aspects of babycare, we will work a bit on our expectations and resources and there will be also a large space for questions. We will also have a talk explaining about the benefits of baby massage with Lara Cini, qualified ITEC masseuse trained in BabyMassage with MamaBabyBliss, with a demonstration of some basic moves that can be incorporated into you baby’s routine quite easily.
Recommend for pregnant women and couples.

Price is 39 euros for workshops and 70 euros for both of them. Pre-payment required. Only 10 places available. If you want to buy the course as a gift for a friend, vouchers are available.

You can pay by Revolut (99329229) or by the the below payment buttons.

Post-patrum workshop first 40 days – 1 workshop

This ticket is valid for both workshops. Please write your name and the dates in the comment.


Post-patrum workshop first 40 days – 1 workshop

This ticket is valid for one of the two workshops, please write in the comment your name and the workshop date.


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