Hello, I am Adrienn creator of yorflo.

I am a mother of four and my passion is to support mothers in achieving a positive birth experience and a joyful motherhood. I offer various services, I am a birth doula, hypnobirthing teacher, yoga instructor (EYT-200 certified), and prenatal and postnatal yoga instructor (EYT-85 certified), Aviva’s Method, and LoveYourBelly trainer and a student midwife. My journey began with teaching postnatal recovery classes in 2016 and has expanded to providing holistic support from pre-pregnancy preparation to postnatal recovery. I am grateful to be able to create a space for women during this sacred journey and help them blend ancient practices like yoga and meditation with modern birth management techniques.


Our goal is to create a safe place for women. We want to help them feel empowered during their pregnancy journey. We provide them with important information and resources so they can make informed choices. We understand that pregnancy can be overwhelming and uncertain. Instead of feeling scared and vulnerable, we want women to tap into their inner strength and embrace their divine goddess within.

We aim to support them in approaching their pregnancy with a calm and relaxed mindset. No matter what challenges they may face during childbirth, we believe that with knowledge, guidance, and support, women can make clear decisions and navigate through any difficulties. We also want to foster a sense of empowerment and sisterhood among pregnant women. By connecting them with others who have had similar experiences, we create a space where women can share stories, seek advice, and find comfort in the support of others.

“In essence, our vision is to transform pregnancy into an empowering experience. We want every woman to feel calm, confident, and in-control when bringing new life into the world.”

Services I offer in English

Currently I am based in Budapest, in person I offer regular prenatal yoga group sessions at F2Pilates Studio in BAH center, I offer Yorflo’s amazing birth preparation and hypnobirthing course for mum and birth partner. If you’d like to join these online that is also an option. And with limited spaces I offer birth doula services for all kind of births in Budapest and in the close proximity (maximum of 75-90 minutes drive from 11. district)

I also offer private sessions both online and in person. Please contact for more information.

  • Fertility boosting
  • Aviva’s Method: Hormone balancing workshop
  • Postnatal recovery programme including diastases recti/ abdominal recovery and pelvic floor strengthening
  • 3 step rewind technique for birth related traumas – Birthing Awareness Training
  • 1to1 birth preparation program