Prenatal Gentle and Vinyasa Yoga in Budapest

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Prenatal yoga classes in the heart of Buda

It is easy to come by public transportation, there are always parking spots in Fürj utca, but if you’d like to park for free, you can park a few streets away.

If you’d like to join online please contact me.

I have the privilege of having given birth to four healthy babies, each experience unique in its own way. Two of my births occurred in a hospital setting, one on the way to the hospital, and one within the comfort of our own home. Throughout these experiences, I have encountered a birth that spanned three long days and another that transpired in a mere two hours.

In the past, fear and worry used to consume me. However, as time went on, I began to foster a profound belief in myself and the innate capabilities of my own body. Deep down, I am aware of the wisdom that resides within me, a wisdom encompassing the intricate process of giving life. My belief extends to you as well, recognizing that your body inherently possesses the knowledge required for conception, nine months of nurturing a baby, and ultimately delivering that precious life into the world. Truly, women are extraordinary beings, akin to goddesses in our ability to create and nurture life.

Though the journey may present its challenges, our physical and emotional barriers may need to be addressed in order to progress forward. The path is not always easy for everyone, but our utmost dedication is essential in ensuring the well-being of both mother and child – a healthy, joyful, and beautiful journey.

My personal goal is to assist you and your precious little one in embracing the wonders of your bodies, reveling in the happiness of pregnancy, all while preparing your mind, body, and soul for the forthcoming changes.

Within my small and intimate prenatal yoga classes, we create a safe space to openly discuss subjects that may otherwise be deemed as taboos or secrets. My intention is to provide you with personalized attention, which is why I limit the number of participants to a maximum of five, enabling me to tailor the flow of the class according to your individual needs. Throughout our time together, I will guide you in various breathing techniques and offer invaluable tips that will not only facilitate an easier birthing process but also alleviate any discomfort you may encounter along the way.

75 minutes class in small groups, 3-5 ladies only. We start at 17:50 on Wednesdays. Please be on time.

Price: HUF 6500 (~€17) per session or in a bundle of 6 it’s HUF 4900 (~€13) that is valid for 2 months.

Price for single class
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Single prenatal yoga class

Valid for 2 weeks from purchase date

HUF 6,500.00

Price for one class purchasing the bundle
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Bundle of 6 classes

Valid for 2 months from purchase date

HUF 29,400.00